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08 June 2019

Interview with Graviky Labs, finalist of Smogathon 2017 Global Edition.

Nikhil Kaushik, co-founder of Graviky Labs: Anirudh came with the idea of converting candle soot into inks during his stay at MIT Media Lab. Later in 2014 we, Anirudh Sharma and Nikhil Kaushik, ganged to start Graviky Labs with the idea to develop a commercially viable lab where we can innovate outside the university ecosystem. So we started working on two aspects of the idea – a) to develop technologies to capture particulate matter (soot) and b) develop technologies and solutions to use the captured particulate matter as the pigment for making industrial grade inks.
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02 April 2019

Interview with the winners of 2018 Smogathon competition!

In 2018 the big winner of our Smogathon contest was the team Takachar. This Indian-American company developed a project that reduces the problem of excessive biomass and turns it into more efficient fuel. That way the local farmers can actually be a part of a fight against air pollution and increase their income by selling the transformed fuel. We sat down with Vidyut Mohan and Kevin Kung, the founders of Takachar, to discuss their technology and plans for the future.
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13 February 2019

Clean air in preschools in Silesia! Otrivin backs up the fight against smog in Żywiec.

Thanks to the Otrivin brand, on 30th of January 2019, high-class devices produced by Radic8 have been installed, in chosen preschools and nurseries in Żywiec. The devices remove, not only, particulates, nitric oxide and other volatile organic compounds from the air, but also, viruses and bacteria!
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