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Interview with Radic8, 2nd laureate of Smogathon 2017 Global Edition

Richard Greenwood is the founder of Radic8, and the creator of social initiative We Share Clean AirTM. Through this and other campaigns, such as Fight AsthmaTM and CancerairTM, Richard and his team are working hard to protect as many people as possible from the dangers of indoor air pollution.
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Interview with Pi Green Innovations, 3rd laureate of Smogathon 2018

We at Pi Green have invented a patented technology called ‘Carbon Cutter Technology’ to reduce PM emissions from vehicles / gensets /chimneys and ambient air. It is a one of its kind ‘Filterless’ technology for air purification which addresses a major issue of choking of filters in vehicles and air purifiers.
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02 WRZEśNIA 2019

Interview with Catio2, a finalist of Smogathon 2018

Catio2 it’s an environmental company which created a transparent film which purifies the air using solar or artificial light. This film can be used on windows or walls and it allows people to decrease the disease precursors.
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