Smogathon 2015: 24-hour Hackathon

Our story started in Fall of 2015 when our city, Krakow, was covered in heavy smog and loaded with air pollutants.

4 people b: Maciej Ryś, Anna Ryś, Kamila Knap, and Maciej Ujejski decided to do something with a problem of smog in Krakow. A group of activists say that it is high time to take matters into their own hands and start a battle against air pollution. Here our story begins, which continues to this day.

Back then Smogathon was a multidisciplinary 24-hour hackathon. During that hackathon, diverse teams of scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, marketers, as well as other students and professionals, worked to create specific, practical and implementable solutions to fight air pollution. Ideas developed by the teams were judged by a jury and presented to the authorities of the city. 250 participants and mentors created 13 teams that proposed 44 ideas and worked on 11 projects. Eight finalists were nominated to pitch their projects and five of them took awards home.

Some jury members of SMogathon 2015: 24-hour hackathon:

  • Wojciech Burkot (Allegro)
  • Luka Sucic (Hub:raum Kraków)
  • Ela Madej (Amicus & Impact.tech)
  • Piotr Wilam (Innovation Nest)
  • Agnieszka Grzesiak (Cisco)
  • Jacek Dańda (Cisco)
  • Dr n.med. Anna Prokop-Staszecka (Krakow Specialist Hospital. Pope John Paul II, City Council of Krakow)
  • Magdalena Kozłowska (Krakow Smog Alert)
  • Ewa Olszowska-Dej (Municipality of Krakow)

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Airly - startup, started at Smogathon 2015

Airly was one of the Smogathon 2015 finalists and was established by a group of engineers with a shared vision and passion for new technologies. Its founding team of physicists and mechatronic technicians was then joined by software developers and marketing specialists.

The Airly system is fully integrated – from the equipment to the software. Airly sensors enable us to collect, process and interpret data in real time (specifically, the concentrations of particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, temperature, air pressure and humidity). Based on this data, information about air quality is displayed on the online map.

Meet all the Smogathon 2015 finalists.