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02 WRZEśNIA 2019

Interview with Catio2, a finalist of Smogathon 2018

Catio2 it’s an environmental company which created a transparent film which purifies the air using solar or artificial light. This film can be used on windows or walls and it allows people to decrease the disease precursors.
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23 LIPCA 2019

Interview with Indrio Technologies, 2nd laureate of Smogathon 2018

Kamila Knap: Can you explain how your technology work? What kind of product and services your company offers? Rito Sur: We make the most compact laser-based sensors for chemical detection and control. We are focusing on making sensors for gas-phase chemicals. Right now, we are developing vehicle exhaust sensors that can be used to reduce NOx emissions by 70%.
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13 LUTEGO 2019

Clean air in preschools in Silesia! Otrivin backs up the fight against smog in Żywiec.

Thanks to the Otrivin brand, on 30th of January 2019, high-class devices produced by Radic8 have been installed, in chosen preschools and nurseries in Żywiec. The devices remove, not only, particulates, nitric oxide and other volatile organic compounds from the air, but also, viruses and bacteria!
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