Smogathon 2016 finalists

City Tree by Green City Solutions


Green City Solutions, based in Germany approached the problem of air pollution by combining a vertically installed moss culture with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. The product, called the “CityTree”, combines specific plants that eat particulate matter (PM), nitrogen dioxide and ozone – offsetting 240 t of CO2e/year in total. The plant filter has the same effect as 275 urban trees, but requires 99% less space. The construction contains sensors collecting environmental and climatic data, to regulate and control the unit and ensure that the plants survive.


Cortina by Rakoczy Steal


Rakoczy Steal, a family-owned business from Poland was a runner-up in Smogathon 2016. They believe it’s not the coal that is the problem but the wrong way of burning it. They created a coal-fired boiler with very low emissions. Laboratory tests have proven that they’ve been able to reduce smog generation by 96%. The innovative construction of the combustion chamber is the key. Their solution reduces air pollution by almost 100% and doesn’t eliminate coal, Poland’s national wealth.


Laser Egg by Origins Technology


Origins Technology created a device monitoring air pollution in real-time, collecting data which is used to map the world’s air, as pollution is created. This enables to identify sources of pollution, so that they can be removed, improving our air! They are a Chinese-based startup with team members from across the globe. Their products are for sale in all the Apple Stores across China, and they now collect around 10,000x more air quality data than most governments. They are already using this data to make a change.


Clair by Instytut Fotonowy


Company based in Krakow, Poland. They have created very efficient PM2.5 filters that don’t use pumps and don’t produce ozone. These anti-smog filters use nanotechnology. Moreover, they have created basics sensors showing real air pollution concentration and its source.


Hextio by Radic8


Hextio is an indoor air purifier, using advanced patent pending technology that effectively sanitizes and deodorizes the air.  No expensive filters to replace, plus it’s small and compact enough for the modern home. Destroying nitrogen dioxide and other dangerous traffic fumes.




Airly is a startup based in Krakow, Poland. Their idea is to create a distributed, dense network of inexpensive air quality sensors. They make smart, outdoor sensors that measure the most important parameters and monitor air around you. Thanks to the large amounts of data, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms they are able to forecast air quality and detect the sources of the pollution.


Novelty AirPas


Company specialized in designing and producing unmanned aerial systems. They participate in a project aimed at integrating pollution sensors with their product – Novelty RPAS OGAR and are talking to the Municipal Police about possible cooperation.


Easy Solar


Company based in Poznan, Poland. Professional SaaS design and sales system dedicated to PV installations. It is an innovative mobile and web application, created especially for facilitating design and sales of PV installations.The application is dedicated to the installation companies, it is cloud-based and available in a SaaS subscription model.



Distributed mobile networks detectors of particulate matter, the aim of which is to create precise spatio-temporal maps of pollution. Using big data, multi-parameter sensors. Highly mobile and scalable.




From the very beginning it has been designed not to be another sensor but a PLATFORM that allows you to fight smog. It is already integrated with automation solutions. LookO2 is able to inform you when you are entering polluted area, guide you through the city to avoid exposure and enable air purifier when it detects high level of dangerous particles in the air. Laser sensor inside. Highly portable. Extremely easy and fast to use.