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We are open to cooperation with companies from every corner of the world. We also invite to contact smog-fighting institutions and organizations.

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How it works?

Application 1

Who can apply? We welcome any group that works as a registered company, start-up, foundation, or a research group with a legal entity. The main requirement is that your solution needs to fight smog. It can be an air purifier, a device that measures the levels of pollutants, or anything that can help!

Semi-finals 2

Present your smog-fighting innovation. We invite you to apply for taking part in one of six semi-finals The best two projects go further in Smogathon!

Krakow Finals 3

Your solution needs to be proven, you will be questioned by the experts from: technology, business, social & administration, and innovation. Do they like your project? Congratulations, you’re welcome to the next stage!

The Grand Finale 4

Take part in a pitch contest and compete for $15 000, $10 000, $5000 and implementation prizes. We hope to see you on 19th November in KIJÓW.CENTRUM.

Do you want to take part in Smogathon 2018?

Do you have a solution fighting air pollution with innovation and technology? Join the game, we invite you to participate in one of the 6 semi-finals.

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Terms & Conditions

Before you apply, read our Terms & Conditions to make sure that you can take part in Smogathon 2018:
Smogathon 2018 Terms & Conditions

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Do you have any doubts or questions? Contact us, we will be happy to provide you more information about Smogathon 2018.

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