Grand Finale on Nov 28 at Kijów.Centrum - come and see the top 10 teams present!
26.11 - 28.11.2016 IN KRAKOW



The principle is simple – your project needs to fight air pollution using technology. ANY stage of development and ANY business or

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science field is allowed – e.g. mobile educational app? Drones analyzing air quality? Indoor air purifier? New energy source? Big data smart prediction systems? Something totally crazy, but working?! Yes, please!

We're looking for the best projects and welcome everyone! We cover the costs of accommodation and food. Application deadline: October 30th!

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A maximum of 25 projects will be selected to participate in the Bootcamp, during which over the course of 24 hours

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(November 26-27) 60 mentors will assess and grade all of the projects (a maximum of 80 points can be scored). They will be extremely curious, critical, constructively criticizing and questioning everything you do in every single business and technology field, but they will help you grow as well!

The 10 projects with the highest number of points will proceed to the finals. The rest are still in the game for additional prizes from our partners.

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You think your work is done? It’s only the beginning – the top 10 projects will have to pitch their ideas to 10 prestigious jury

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members, who will award a maximum of 20 points. Five minutes per project and no Q&A. So if you blow it, you lose. To make it more difficult, over 800 people will be present at this event! Welcome to Smogathon Bootcamp!

The project with the highest number of points (Bootcamp + Final points) wins!

What’s worth working so hard for three days in a row? The winner receives 100,000 PLN (≈$25,000). Cash. No equity taken. Simple, right?

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SMOGATHON 2016 winner is… CityTree!

Go to their website >>


We are the people behind the Smogathon rebellion. Last year, thanks to the increasing awareness of citizens and government representatives…

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At the beginning of May 2016, the WHO released a report on the 50 most polluted cities in the European Union. How did Polish cities do? 33 locations…

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The what’s and the why’s. Read the answers to the most common questions…

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Take a look at what we have prepared during this intensive anti-smog bootcamp!
Day 1
26 Nov 2016
Day 2
27 Nov 2016
Day 3
28 Nov 2016

Doors open, registration starts

Please be on time, we have a lot of work to do!

Welcome, rules explained & guest lectures

Guest lecture no.1 and no.2 (KAS, Zwolnieni z Teorii)

De-mentoring sessions begin!

During this time you can meet our mentors and work on your projects.

Dinner break

Let’s get some of our energy back!

Get back to work, time is ticking :-)

You have all night to work on your projects and presentations.

Midnight snack + KPT LIGHT SHOW

Time to stretch our stomachs and relax our minds and eyes a little.

Guest lecture no.3

Learn about pitching, public speaking and… acting!

Bootcamp WORKOUT

Let’s work our bodies and sweat a little. Yes, there will be pushups, so you better practice before. Nobody is excused!

Morning yoga

More of a chillout, stretchy workout. To get your blood flowing and minds working properly again.


More fuel for the tired brains!

Last few hours of work

… and last change to convince mentors to your project!

Well-deserved lunch

… while mentors’ votes are being counted.

Bootcamp results announced!

10 projects – with the highest amount of points from the mentors – proceed to the Grand Finale at Kijów.Centrum the following Monday

“Totally Crazy Pitch Day” by Bitspiration Booster

An incredible role-switching, where startup veterans and investors will present in front of you and for once you’ll be the one assessing them, not the other way around! Please register online...
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Grand Finale at Kino Kijów.Centrum

17:00 – door open and networking starts 18:00 – event starts (6pm sharp, so don’t be late!) 18:00 – 18:15 – Welcome and introduction 18:15 – 18:20 – guest lecture...
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Smogathon Grand Finale venue

Smogathon Bootcamp will be held at the Krakow Technology Park (Podole 60 Street) and the Grand Finale at KIJÓW.CENTRUM (Krasinskiego 34 Street) in Krakow, Poland.


Bootcamp Team

Are you working on an anti-smog project? Do you have a revolutionary air-cleaning idea? And an awesome team? Join Smogathon Bootcamp, show us what you can do and win $25,000 (PLN 100,000)!

Grand Finale

Meet our anti-smog rebellion! Chat with our mentors, jury, partners and investors. Join the Smogathon Community! Grab a snack and a drink (or two) at KIJÓW.CENTRUM.





Meet the organizations without whom Smogathon would not be possible:

Merit partners

  • Krakow King's Players

Honorary patronage

Media partronage

Case Studies

Learn more about the projects that are already fighting against air pollution with Smogathon's support!


To read more about Smogathon-related case studies or download our latest press releases, click one of the buttons below :)

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